25 November 2023

Fooling around with JavaScript

In my computer science classes, I expect that my students can compress a text using the LZW algorithm, Huffman codes in grade 11 and do array sorting (Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort and Selection Sort) in grade 12.

Some of the students get it quickly, while others need some more exercises. Therefore, I came up with the idea to provide online exercises that provide samples and sample solutions. So, no student can complain about not having enough exercise opportunities.

Originally, all applications were written in Python and hosted on repl.it. As repl.it is hosted in the U.S.A., I was not really comfortable forcing students to use it, because there are some data protection concerns addressed by Thuringian government officials. Hence, I had to redo the codes for JavaScript.

Here are my solutions:

Of course, there are other solutions online. But coding it myself is way more fun than searching for alternatives.